Here it is! Episodes I and II of Jayson Scott Musson’s Too Black for B.E.T. finally collected into a single volume of 36 black and white posters that teem with art magic! Gasp in terror as you descend into a world of perversion, dereliction, depression, apathy of the highest order, chemical addiction, Harry Potter, racism, sexism, whatever it is when you’re not the biggest fan of children, shoegaze music, and the general moral relativism Mr. Musson has used throughout his life to justify acting however the fuck he wants to act because he’s a grown ass man (his words, not mine). Somehow art is born out of this combination of self-obsession and an ego so great that it borders on the realm of Tolkien-esque fantasy.

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Kurt Says:

"Get Your Dick Out The Ceiling!!"

That roughly translates to: "I'm standing by to take your orders!"